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Far Cry 6 Tips - 10 Tips and Tricks you should keep in mind

Open World Games (English Open World, Open World ) are a kind of computer games where the player has many freedoms and possibilities above average to play the game. The special feature of open-world games is unhindered freedom of movement. Thus, the player himself decides what he wants to explore when and how in the game world. The gameplay, which is usually bound to the development of the action, is not determined by a predetermined order of successive levels. When open-world games, the player is not tweakingly bound to that order, but has the choice that missions he wants to play at all. Often the game world is even extended by separate levels, which opens additional exploration space.

Far Cry 6 - Huge Tips That Will Get You Ready For the Endgame (Far Cry 6 Tips & Tricks) Furthermore, it may contain a simulation in which both play figures and items can respond to the players actions and thus increase employment opportunities. Games designated as a sandboxed have the specific property that the player acts on the existing virtual game world and can influence their simulated physical design. For example, objects can be created for the inventory - this is referred to as crafting (to German crafts ) - which does not necessarily have to affect game progress.

Soon we will all immerse yourself in the open world of Yara of Far Cry 6 and try to dismantle the tyrannical regime of Anton Castillo. As you would expect it from a Far Cry game, Ubisoft s latest Open World Shooter is huge, densely and full of things to do your visit to this beautiful island state is a bit smoother.

Start with Madruga

Far Cry 6 starts on a small island in Yara in front of the mainland - it s basically the tutorial area of ​​the game. But as soon as they arrived in Yara, they have the freedom to visit all regions of the world in any order. Although there is no official real order to tackle the world of the game, some of them are a little more difficult than the others. The best area for the beginning is Madruga, which feels like a beautiful progression from the Startinsel. Madruga s main quest series also contains some important story details that will give you a better understanding of history at an early stage, so it makes sense from a narrative point of view as the first area.

Customize your weapons

The adaptation is a much bigger thing in Far Cry 6 as in this series. The game includes the entire guerrilla motive and puts the adaptation of weapons - and even creating new weapons - at the center. However, the resources are not too free and they always have a limited number of mod slots per weapon. Therefore, we recommend that you pay close attention to which upgrades you upgrade you for your weapons. When you focus on Stealth, you should definitely save and get the really good silencers for your weapons. However, if they prefer remote combat, the purchase of good riflescopes can transform rifles into proper sniper rifles.

Get a good silencer

Speaking silencers - get one for at least one of their weapons as soon as possible. Make it to your first weapons upgrade. As with every Far Cry game, Stealth is a crucial column of the gameplay from Far Cry 6, and you will rely on sound-damped shots as well as on Macheten kills up close. Initially, you can not do anything else than a grubby old muffler from an old plastic bottle, but if you have enough material, make it a one that takes longer to overheat, so you can do less damage or miss a few shots you can Fire several quick shots before your silencer is overheated and temporarily useless. In addition, they are probably better off if you attach a muffler to a rifle or a machine gun instead of a pistol that does not cause much damage.

Munition types

This is another small but important part of the customization. Far Cry 6 has different types of ammition. In addition to the normal balls, there are soft-shell spheres, armor-breaking balls, fire balls, poisoned ammunition and more, and certain fines are weaker compared to certain ammunition types. Given that they can only carry three weapons (and a resolver weapon) and every weapon can only use a munition type at the same time, they must think about what kind of equipment they go to a fight. Therefore, it is wise to capture enemies from a vantage point before they move into the fight to determine for which ammunition type they are weak.

Equipment Benefits

Far Cry 6 is not a typical bag of Cry 6. There is a limited selection of equipment, and instead of increasing various weapon statistics or offering tiny status upgrades, each equipment part has a unique advantage - and it is strongly recommended to pay attention to these advantages instead of just equipping what has higher rank. Perks can be simple things, such as increasing your defense against armor-breaking rounds, or some more interesting, like the immediate marking of enemies near you as soon as you run a secret melee kill, but they are almost always in a unique way very effective. Changing the equipment utilization depending on which situation you go, can actually be very useful.

Hideout network

In each of Yara s three main regions, there is a camp that serves as a turntable in this part of the world, and you can also upgrade these camps by adding different institutions to different benefits. Whatever the bearings you can reach first, the first institution you set up should be the Hideout Network. This is not just the wingsuit unlocked for them - which is an important part of the query in each Far Cry game - but also the opportunity to quickly travel to all guerrilla hiding, which you find throughout Yara.

Temperature level

The heat level of Far Cry 6 may sound on the paper like a Wanted system, but the progress here is much gradual and much more permanent. This means the more they kill enemies, destroy enemy vehicles and bother Castillos operations, the harder it will be for them. Balancing can be difficult, which is why Stealth is always promoted. Fire habits are becoming more difficult with rising heat level, so make sure that you keep them in the eye as you explore the open world.

Guerilla ways

The exploration of Yara differs in many ways significantly from the exploration of other Far Cry settings, but has some interesting wrinkles. Off the exit paths and highways and roads, for example, Yara is full of guerrilla pavements, winding paths and tunnels and hidden paths used by the guerrilla revolution in the fight against the Castillo regime. Every occasion you should explore these ways. Not only will you find many materials and equipment, but also meet other guerrilla soldiers telling them about various sights in the world or even encounter hidden activities by simply following the markings in the area.

Anti-Air Weapons

Flying in Yara is not as uncomplicated and easy as in most Far Cry worlds. Anton Castillo has set up various aircraft weapons throughout Yara, which means that the sky is not exactly safe until they detect and destroy these installations. This is of course enough reward itself, but these sites also tend to have degraded uranium, which is one of the rarest resources in Far Cry 6 and is used to make special resolver weapons. So if you experience something about an aircraft weapon or encounter them, you should see it sooner than later.


Far Cry 6 gives you a free vehicle early in the morning, but during the game you can also expand your collection. There are a number of different vehicles in Far Cry 6, but you do not simply add by driving to your permanent collection. If you find a similar vehicle, make sure that you bring it to a vehicle space, so you can summon it anytime and customize it at will.


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