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Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the live ticker

The woodland stadium, as a result of a name funding because 1 July 2020 official Deutsche Bank Park (previously Commerzbank Sector), is a football arena in Frankfurt am Key. It is situated in the city forest in the area of Sachsenhausen-Süd. The 1925 opened, ever since, a number of times up-to-date arena was restored on the event of the 2006 football champion from 2002 to 2005 as a pure football arena without a visitor sports plant and ushered in on 15 June 2005 with the opening suit of the FIFA Confederation Cup, Germany versus Australia. With an ability of 51,500 spectators, it is among the ten largest football phases in Germany. The main lessee of the stadium has been the Eintracht Frankfurt Football AG since 1 July 2020 for a period of 15 years, which, among various other points, issues its Bundesliga house video games and holds the legal rights for the procedure as well as advertising and marketing of the stadium as component of a comprehensive individual contract. Till the 2023/24 season, Eintracht Frankfurt will increase its capacity to around 60,000 areas. The Deutsche Bank Park consists of further sporting activities centers beside the football arena. These consist of added football areas in the area of the arena, the stadium swimming pool, a beach volley ball center and a health club (winter months sports hall). Rather than the previous tennis court, Eintracht Frankfurt has actually constructed his professional camp, housed in the Arrangement of the AG and the License Player Division. A previously existing cycling track, a synthetic ice rink and also a mini golf course are no more offered. The sporting activities park is connected via the terminal Frankfurt am Main Station to the Spahn network; The cable car serves the terminal Station tram. Owner of the arena is the urban sports park Stadium Frankfurt am Main firm for task growths mph. Driver was from 2005 to 2020 the Stadium Frankfurt Management GmbH, at which Awardee Sports Germany GmbH and also Appleton SG Center Administration GmbH are each included with 50 percent. The operator contract of the Arena Frankfurt Management GmbH and also the name civil liberties of the Commerzbank Sector ended with the 30th of June 2020.

For Eintracht Frankfurt today in the Europa League the home game against Royal Antwerp is on the program. Here we tick the game of the 5th game day of the group phase for you live.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Royal Antwerp 2: 2 (1: 1)


| 1: 0 Ramada (12th), 1: 1 Angolan (33.), 1: 2 Samantha (88.), 2: 2 Valencia (90. + 4.)

Installation Frankfurt

| Trap — Tuna, Haste, Nick — Chandler, Basic (90th Rode), SO, KOS TIC — Windstorm (78th Have), Ramada (90th Valencia) — Bore (69th Hammers)

Installation Antwerp

| But — de last, Almeida, Despoil, Vines — Angolan, Overstate — Fischer (76th Dagestan), Woman (67. Yusuf), Samantha — Frey

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Extended Highlights | UEL Group Stage MD5 | CBS Sports Golazo Yellow cards


/ DESPOIL (59.)

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Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Linebacker — 2: 2

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live ticker — Tor Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker — Double Change of Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker Antwerp

87.: Fisherman is not there anymore, Angolan snaps the free kick. His version is good, De Last heads over.

85.: Between Piraeus and Fenerbahçe it is 0: 0. The Contract is a draw in this constellation a draw to the group victory.

83.: Michael Frey beats a bit frustrated the ball away and looks yellow.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Frey

80.: Frankfurt has lost the thread in the last 15 minutes and now has to shake a bit around one point. Antwerp further helps only a victory to get the chance to get the 3rd place of the group.

78.: Switching continues, Jens Better Have comes for Jesper Windstorm.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker — Change Frankfurt

76.: For the ex-Mainz Fischer it is no longer going on, the extremer takes over Johannes Dagestan.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live tick — Change Antwerp

74.: Fisherman gets the hand in mind from Tuna, he bled.

73.: The ball is already on the abutment point, because the VAR signals a possible offside position. In the end, the hit does not count because de last stands in the away — breast-thin.

71.: Ritchie de last meets after a sharp free kick from Fischer to the Frankfurt Gate.

69.: Sam Hammers replaced at Frankfurt Rafael Bore.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker — Change Frankfurt

68.: In front of the Frankfurt Block, loudly explodes a Bowler. Overstate and but hold their ears. Referee Paul Tierney briefly interrupts the game. In the first leg, a Bowler of the Belgian fans also caused an interruption.

67.: Changing starts, Alaskan Yusuf comes for Pierre Woman.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live tick — Change Antwerp

65.: Poetic seeks half-links from 22 meters to the conclusion, shoot just past the gate. Frankfurt usually comes only to degrees from the distance.

63.: Ramada colors with overview in the run of Bore, which does not come past but freely in front of the gate. But the hit would not have counted, Bore was just in the away.

61.: Fisherman snaps the corner again, the cross comes well again. But this time a Frankfurt head can clarify the situation.

59.: Dorian Despoil holds the foot in midfield against Bore and looks the first yellow card of the game.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live tick — Yellow card for Despoil

56.: Frankfurt also has the game control in the second round, but is often not consistent in the last third.

54.: Bore can secure the ball right in the penalty area, but since the players were not fast enough, he lacks the playback station.

52.: Poetic briefly leads the corner to Windstorm, which seeks the right in the right penalty area conclusion, but blocked.

50.: Chandler sends Windstorm along the right line, then gets the ball again in the penalty area even in front of the feet and curves tight.

48.: In the other game of the group between Piraeus and Fenerbahçe it is also undecided at the beginning of the second half — 0: 0. So Frankfurt would also be a group in the end of the evening without its own victory.

46.: The game is running again. Both teams have been unchanged from the cabin.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker — Start 2nd half

Halftime: Frankfurt also went with the first chance of chance by Ramada. As a result, Contract defensively did not allow much. Antwerp, however, was dangerous by Fischer's good corners. Angolan could use such a standard with a little luck to compensate. And so it is after 45 minutes 1: 1.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live tick — break

    • 1.: Three corners in the detention time bring three times serious danger. Once Canada missed the sharp crossing on the second post, another time but picks up the ball. But Frankfurt can not use the mistake.

45.: But Bore is there then. Windstorm lays across the penalty area across, the striker curves tight.

43.: Bore has not really arrived in the game at the Frankfurt tern. The striker had only 14 ball campaigns, none of them was seriously dangerous.

41.: Basic comes to the left in the penalty area at two opponents loosely past. But Almeida then gets the foot in between and stops the attack attempt.

39.: The busy Ramada brings the ball from the left side with overview into the backspace, where Windstorm has a lot of space, 13 meters in front of the gate the ball does not really hit the ball and so clearly straps.

37.: From the game, Contract does not allow much either. But for the second time, the corners of fishermen were able to worry about.

35.: Frankfurt wants to provide the fast response, but the shot of Basic is blocked in the penalty area.

33.: TOO OR! Eintracht Frankfurt — Royal Antwerp 1: 1. A rehearsed corner brings the compensation. Fisherman brings the ball into the back room where Nadja Angolan lurks and looking for the direct conclusion from 18 meters. The shot is then crucial in the penalty area of ​​Nick, so that Trap was in the wrong corner.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in Live ticker Antwerp

30.: After a page change De Last has some space on the right side, his cross is then weak. Frankfurt is very compact at the back.

28.: Windstorm takes on the right side neat ride up and has a lot of space. In the penalty area, the Dane places the ball on the left foot and shoots breath past the long pole.

25.: RAMADA takes on the left in the penalty area with that approaches the goalie line and then fits in the back. Antwerp clarifies at the expense of a corner.

23.: RAMADA misses the sharp crossing of Chandler in the center, the clarification trial lands at Poetic, who seeks the direct conclusion and clear from the second row.

21.: For Ramada, it was the third goal in the EL in a row. He is thus Frankfurt's best international contactors in this season.

19.: But Frankfurt continues to dominate the game with the lead in the back and now finds better in the game.

16.: Trap dives under the sharp corner of fisherman and so offer for Despoil and Frey on the five-meter room best closing options, but both can be blocked. At the end there is Trap to the spot.

14.: Frankfurt is also the same with the first chance of the leadership and shows itself very effective on international terrain.

12.: TOO OR! Eintracht Frankfurt — Royal Antwerp 1: 0. After a ball loss on the centerline, Frankfurt switches to lightning speed and has the rooms. From the right side Chandler brings the ball sharp into the middle, But is still on the direct acceptance of Dacha Ramada, but can not ward off the placed shot of eight meters.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live ticker — Tor Frankfurt

10.: Woman brings the ball to the gate from the right side. But Trap makes a long time and ferries the cross from the air. Frey lurked, but had no chance on the ball.

8.: Antwerp starts very low and leaves Frankfurt first the game. But the homeowner is missing in the game in front of the precision.

6.: 30,000 spectators are admitted for today's game. Before the game, there was still the possibility to vaccinate.

4.: Strong ball comprehension from Sow, which then switches quickly. Ramada wants to bring the ball from his own half in the run of Poetic, but remains with his passport in the depths.

2.: De Last slips unhappy after a duel and is briefly sit on the lawn. But then the outer chest can continue the game quickly.

1.: The game is running. Referee is the Englishman Paul Tierney.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League now in the Live tick — kick-off

Before starting: Frankfurt won the first leg in Belgium happy with 1: 0. Valencia met by penalty in reflection time. The Portuguese sits at least on the bench after his muscle injury today.

Before starting: The coach warns before today's opponent: We must not be fooled by the previous yield in the Europa League, Antwerp is at least second of the Belgian League. We have to be very focused today.

Before starting: At the Contract, it's perfect. After winning in Piraeus, two threes were followed in Bundesliga. Especially with the success in Freiburg, the Hesse offered a strong performance, so Oliver Glaser also looks no reason for personnel changes.

Before starting: Today's opponent is still waiting for the first threesome in the group stage, after only a draw in Fenerbahçe remains only the last place. To have at least a chance to have 3rd place and the associated qualification to the intermediate round of the Conference League, Antwerp must always win today.

Before starting: Eintracht Frankfurt wants to make the group victory with a success. Since this season, the group winner is safe in the second round, the group season must clear in an intermediate round a group range from the Champions League out of the way — certainly not the lightest task.

Before starting: For the guests, there are five personnel changes after the defeat against Sent Troopers. Denis Almeida, Despoil, Fischer, Woman and Samantha come to the team for angels, Deck, Yusuf, Manuel and Balkrishna.

Before starting: Royal Antwerp has traveled with this starting eleven: But — de last, Denis Almeida, Despoil, Vines — Angolan, Overstate, Fischer, Woman, Samantha — Frey.

Before starting: Oliver Glaser familiarizes exactly the eleven, which was successful on Sunday with 2: 0 in Freiburg.

Before starting: Frankfurt begins as follows: Trap — Tuna, Haste, Nick — Chandler, Basic, Saw, Poetic — Windstorm, Bore, Ramada.

Before starting: The Europa League specialists of Eintracht Frankfurt can almost worryless to the home game against the Singles group connection light Royal Antwerpen. In terms of cross-competition, there were last three victories in series, to do not take the participation in the K.O. Round anymore. A win against the Belgians is enough for the group victory. Thus, Contract could skip the uncomfortable part round against a third of the Champions League and would be directly in the second round.

Before starting: The game of the 5th game day of the group stage is spoiled at 21 o'clock in Deutsche Bank Park in the Main metropolis.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the campground of the encounter Eintracht Frankfurt against Royal Antwerp in the Europa League.

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League today in the Linebacker — the stations

Eintracht Frankfurt : Trap — Tuna, Haste, Nick — Chandler, Basic, SO, KOS TIC — Windstorm, Ramada — Bore Royal Antwerp FC : But — de last, Almeida, Despoil, Vines — Angolan, Overstate — Fischer, Woman, Samantha — Frey

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerp: Europa League today live in the TV and Livestream

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Antwerpen is broadcast live in Free TV today! The private broadcaster RTL starts with the discussion already at 20.15. The game Marco Hartmann will comment together with expert Steffen friend.

The transfer can also be tracked via RTL +, the chargeable livestream platform of the station. There you will find a conference today with other parallel games from the Europa League and Conference League.

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Europa League: Group D with Eintracht Frankfurt

Place | Club | Games | Goals | Points - 1 | Eintracht Frankfurt | 4 | 7: 3 | 10 2 | Olympiads Piraeus | 4 | 7: 6 | 6 3 | Fenerbahçe | 4 | 6: 6 | 5 4 | Antwerp | 4 | 3: 8 | 1


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