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Far Cry 6 fans are looking forward to the most cordial detail throughout the game

Much Cry 4 is an open-world vanity shooter as well as the fourth component of the Far-Cry computer game series warranted by the German Video Game Developer Creek. The game showed up on 18 November 2014 for Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was established by various workshops of the French group Ubisoft under the leadership of Ubisoft Montreal. Far Cry 4 plays in the make believe Asian state Karat. The player takes over the function of Ajay Shale, who returns from the United States to his homeland Karat to spread the ashes of his mother. As soon as there, he is associated with a civil war, in which the rebel group of golden path versus the oppression fights by King Pagan Minutes as well as his army. The game concept took control of the developers from its precursor. The emphasis is on battling and exploring the video game world. The video game includes some components that come from the role-play genre, including the forming of your very own character. The primary part of the game occupies the single player campaign in which the gamer collapses the king. Additionally, the video game supplies a multiplayer mode in which gamers either explore Karat with each other or battle against each various other in different betting types. Much Cry 4 was favorably absorbed by the trade press. Critics commended the terrific freedom of action of the gamer, the wealth of PC gaming content, the quality of the graphics and the figures, in certain the opponent Pagan Min. Some testers slammed, nevertheless, absence of development programmers. Purchasers complained on top of that the launch variation of the video game had numerous program mistakes. However, Far Cry 4 throughout of 2014 created with even more than 7 million duplicates for the formerly best-selling Far-Cry title.

In Far Cry 6, we can get a variety of animal accompanies. The best of course is Chorizo, the little dog with the tag as a substitute for his hind legs. Of course, Chorizo ​​is generally a constant source of joy. But the Dog can look even more than just sugar sweet, by the area Chechen and turn off and to make a nap: Chorizo ​​gives himself even dead when we go to him! That should be by far the prettiest thing in Far Cry 6. The little, but fine detail delights people around the world.

Far Cry 6: Chorizo ​​is not just cute, but can also be dead jobs

What s up? In Far Cry 6, there are Amigos, which are loyal to you. This can be a wild fight tap, an alligator, a full-eyed dog or just — the best variant — Chorizo. The dog is like a sausage and looks a bit like that, but he impresses, of course, of course, that he is so super sweet. What another detail is very clear again: the puppy may even be able to work.

Chorizo ​​turns dead: Anyone who had a dog ever knows the trick may know. You can teach the four-legged all possible, including, of course, to turn. The cool to Chorizo ​​is that you no longer have to teach him, your animal friend makes it alone. For this you just have to go to him. It will look like that:

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Normally, of course we would strongly advise against, with a weapon on the poor, innocent little chorizo ​​to go. After all, we do not want him to happen to him. But whoever aims at him anyway can observe the extremely cute feat. Here is a second video because it s so beautiful:

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The animal companions in Far Cry 6 can of course all nice things. Boom Boom jumps up, for example, on NPCs in camps and is then only on the hind legs. This is admittedly cool, but no comparison to Chorizo s cuteness. Nevertheless, there would be so much more in it when it comes to the Amigos in Far Cry 6, like Annika finds:

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Far Cry 6: It breaks my heart, how Ubisoft deals with the animal companions

Far Cry 6 has been available for a good month and playable on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and the PC. The first larger DLC brings back the cult villain Veins from Far Cry 3, and tomorrow, on 16 November. All information about the Season Pass, LCS and other free contents can be found in this Gamer article.

Which animal companion from Far Cry 6 is best, and why is it Chorizo?


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