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FC Bayern: Julian Nagelsmann really angry

Fußball-Club Augsburg 1907 e. V., generally referred to as FC Augsburg (German pronunciation: [FTSE ˈʔaʊksbʊʁk] or Augsburg, is a German football club based in Augsburg, Bavaria. FC Augsburg play in the Bundesliga, the leading tier of the German football organization system. The team was founded as Fußball-Klub Ale mania Augsburg in 1907 as well as played as BC Augsburg from 1921 to 1969. With over 18,800 members, it is the biggest football club in Swabian Bavaria. The club has actually invested the majority of its history fluctuating between the second as well as 3rd divisions, with disappointment striking in the early 2000s when Augsburg were delegated to the fourth division for two seasons. However, the club experienced a surge following this setback, as well as was eventually advertised to the Bundesliga for the very first time in 2011, where it has continued to be ever given that. Augsburg have actually settled their Bundesliga standing in the 2010s, finishing a record high 5th in the 2014-- 15 period before numerous mid-table coatings, and also made their European debut in the 2015-- 16 UEFA Europa League, with the club getting to the Round of 32 before being knocked out by Liverpool 1-- 0 on aggregate.

Telesales Discussion with Julian C. - Techniques on the Phone To Increase Sales! Since 2009, FC Augsburgs arena has been the 30,660 capability WWF SECTOR, located southern of Augsburg city center and quickly obtainable through tram. The club, referred to as the Fuggerstädter or merely as FCA, gets strong house assistance with an average presence of 28,709 in the 2019-- 20 Bundesliga period (93.6% of arena capability). It is a solitary rate stadium with a standing balcony behind one of the goals, called the Ulrich-Biesinger-Tribüne, and also 3 seated stands with a standing section in the contrary corner to the Ulrich-Biesinger-Tribüne for away fans. Augsburg preserves tough neighborhood rivalries with Ingolstadt as well as TSV 1860 Munich. Suits in between these clubs typically draw in large groups, and also a match in 1973 at 1860 Munich established the all-time spectator record for the Olympic Stadium. FCA frequently offer out their local Bavarian derby against Bayern Munich. The clubs colors are red, environment-friendly and white which can be found throughout the clubs packages while the club badge resembles the Augsburg city emblem. The clubs training facilities are positioned alongside the stadium while a club shop is situated near Augsburg Hauptbahnhof in the city center.

At the start of the 12th match day of the Bundesliga, Bayern conceded a complete surprise a 1: 2 defeat in the Bavarian duel at Underdog FC Augsburg. Trainer Julian Nagelsmann showed eaten after the game. Comments on the game:

Markus Easier (Coaches FC Augsburg)...

... to the game: We have in the first half very, very well played, going 2: 0 lead, the first goal has annoyed me because it was not a 100 percent chance to score with 2:. 1 in the second half to go was dangerous, but we have defended very well, with a lot of will. Bayern have refills of quality, but we gave everything and with luck and skill won.

... to the home advantage: We have the team reminiscent of the good game of Stuttgart and taken ten points from their last four home games we are very confident I have again given the team...

... to the changes in the second half, With Davies and Musial two sensational footballer came in This was more playing strength on the enemy in the game That has hurt us, but with the five chain and the three men before we have to... much running and will defend nor approved the 100 percent chances.

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Julian Nagelsmann (coach Bayern Munich)...

... to the game: We always get the gates in the same way it is a bit careless, as we defend the opponent had scored two goals not brilliant moments and still has the end, you lose even if you do not... five makes of times this season. I am the first time because we have to do better than Bavaria coach really mad at us.

... to passivity in the center: I do not Every second ball in the lie when I say that we had an incredible amount of space in the central area, have mainly played back in the six-room and a lot of six-room was a back pass. Seldom faces forward. In the first half, which was much more extreme than in the second. We did not actively play forward and clear shot too little kick.

... to the spare men Omar Richards and Marcel sanitizer: Omar has defensive not done so bad Forward he did not have too many actions, but he has fought selflessly in the first half and defended well in SBI much infected, a lot. More than we currently see. We are all, if he can bring his power top.

... about his findings: I have the guys said earlier. Winning is love is hate one, lose the other, because this includes many talentless Actions talent we have no end, the talentless actions we have again and again. But there are also phases as in the two goals against where we have not.

... to the staff position (before the game): We have very few common training time, but that can evolve via video with us whining at a high level because we have players of exceptionally high quality.

Andre Hahn (Goal Scorer FC Augsburg)...

... to the game: Friday night game, full cabin We could our fans and do us any good, we beat Bayern, and we sold well, so it feels terrific...

Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich)...

... to the game: We did not deserve in the first half, especially in many situations, especially in our half course you collect money from these two or three scenes each time two goals in the second half we wanted to make it absolutely. But maybe we have since even this little of luck in front of goal does not deserve through this first half. For us, this is of course already a bitter setback in our self with which we want to actually contest the Games.

... to a possible challenge by Jeffrey Gouweleeuw to Serge Gnabry before 1: 0: At first he comes to falter, characterized then theres also the duel one advantage I not really see the first moment I can understand the referee. He wants to give the advantage. But through these bumps its absolutely no advantage situation. We have already discussed on the field, but the referee wanted to stay with his opinion.

... for lack of greed on the defensive: If you have every game feel like you can definitely two, three, make four goals, then your main virtue maybe just the extreme greed on the defensive But that is not. Just needed games to win here in Augsburg, if you have times a day, where it in this. 50: 50 situations may run times against you Manuel Neuer (captain Bayern Munich)...

... to the game:... We have to win a team against, so definitely we have the greater quality We were not there in the first half simply had too little activity and too little courage in the game forward is why we have created too few chances. We will do everything that we can now win the week in Kiev, so much ambition we have. We also have the ambition to have to win every game, but these days theres easy.

Rafael Gikiewicz (FC Augsburg)...

... to the game: Its a crazy night, I hope not for the first and last time in a full stadium I am 34 and have now made my dream. We beat Bayern Munich at home It was not a pretty game, but we did. Score a goal more, we run without end. I think it was a deserved victory. They had plenty of possession, but they did not have so many chances.

Florian Niederlechner (injured striker of FC Augsburg) before the game...

... for a fresh reduction in the spectator capacity in Bavaria. Its incredibly bitter, I think its just a pity From what you will notice it, happens in the stadium nothing with new infections, so I can not understand this at all, but unfortunately accept that not our decision, and you have to.

Hasan Salihamidzic (Muniching director Bayern Munich) before the game...

... the tense Corona situation: Our attitude and attitude is known, we have expressed all of us, but there are no mandatory vaccination Everyone must decide individually which of course is the attitude of the club and my personal that we all of us... should be vaccinated because thats the only way out of the pandemic. But we know that this is not the opinion of everyone, and we have to accept. We know how difficult that is.

... to a possible 2G control for professional athletes: This will decide the politicians, and we will do it that way and accept accordingly.

... the expiring contract of Niklas Sure: The talks are not easy, but of course we do not express ourselves to the state if there is something to say, we will do that.


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