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Hunt: Review of PC Showdown - a product of perseverance

I will not do it remotely. Hunt: Showdown is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm touting since the first day of early access, and although my review four hundred hours spent are minimal compared to other veterans, I think they deserve a valid criticism. Honestly, I've never been so excited to see a game, I'm going to throw myself.

Hunt: Showdown is a hunting game with Pope based premiums in the bayou of the late 19th century in Louisiana. In the main mode of bounty hunting, your goal is to kill, banish and escape with the bonus of one or two bosses. Spread on the cards, there are indications the compounds in which the bosses are. Along the way you will encounter a myriad of horrible creatures like grunts, armored, hives, skulls and hunting dogs. All you have unique challenges, but the rival players are the biggest threat. You and up to nine other players competing for the same premiums. Players who escape with premiums receive the greatest reward, while others die or escape map with less profit.

Enter a part of Hunt is like a battle royal with much higher stakes. To play a game, you have to recruit and equip a fighter with weapons, tools, consumables and traits; all of which have a cost in. Every penny invested can be lost a few minutes after the start of a match. Once a hunter was killed, they are gone for good. Therefore, your decisions in the lobby and in the world have an enormous weight. Frankly, it is a drug that I was hooked for over four hundred hours. I certainly gained a level of confidence in me from the beginning, but now I still have the tension incendiary fighting in PVP, Eve encounters overwhelming and wild escapes at a premium.

The increase is related to your line. Bloodline follows your ranking and your overall statistics including K / D, bosses eliminations monsters and more. Between level 1 and level 100, you unlock a ton of weapons, tools, consumables, and features rows of varied hunters. Level 1 Hunters have access to the absolute minimum, while levels 3 have better health options, concealing outfits and a wider choice of equipment. What is beautiful is that, although the high level of weapons have a deadly impact, victory lies ultimately in the strategy. Although there are exceptions scenarios, tactics and mind almost always mastered while loading. Each game offers a competing risk / high reward on a level playing field that has been perfected over a year and a half early access. Once you have reached the maximum level, you can go up to fifty times to receive new account badges and appearance of legendary weapons.

There is also an impressive depth layer for leveling individual hunters. Hunters have a sub-level between 1 and 50. The higher the hunter has a high level, the more you gain experience by winning matches. Once a hunter reaches level 50, you have the option to remove it to get additional experience on your line. More hunters maximum are stored in your line for all to revenge. The depth extends to loads. All play styles are suitable for long patterns, medium and short, stealth and melee. You can recruit up to five hunters both and equip differently, contributing to the diversity of each game. Although I often use stealth, I used every weapon, tool, consumables and line for many hours, and I was able to witness the balance between the pros and cons. The balance has taken some time to achieve, but Creek has achieved an excellent place with 1.0.

Although you can play solo or three in bounty hunting, Quick play is a totally different experience. You choose a predefined load and head only on the map to close cracks, absorb the energy of the source and escape the card with your soul. While you're there, you can get more weapons and equipment to change your strategy. I prefer to bounty hunting, but Quick play is ideal for a faster and easier experience when you run out of time, or you need a break from the tension of the first experiment.

The maps of Hunt, Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta, are both exceptionally designed. Stillwater is the original, and it is easily my favorite between the two. This often leads to closer meetings with adverse hunters while Delta tends to end with remote shooting. Both are prey to points to exploit whatever the strategy, but the best aspect is that there is an infinity of possibilities. Whether your fight takes place at the bottom of a neglected cathedral or at the top of a prison, all meetings with Amnesty International and other players are unpredictable. You start to feel like a proven hunter once you have memorized everyone's layout. This allows you to adopt an effective strategy, especially when your vision is inhibited at night or in a thick fog. Both present terribly horrible atmospheres and provide a strong feeling of fright. The world of Hunt contains many convincing knowledge to explore online, but single cards send poignant stories.

Hunt currently offers three bosses: Butcher, Spider and The Assassin. By knowing their weaknesses, battles are not intrinsically difficult, but the way you will reduce them will determine the outcome of the match. If you manage to kill silently one, your chances of banning them and escaping yourself unmarried. The fact of killing them by an explosion of gunshots and explosives alerts adverse players to your position much faster. Each leader provides a unique combat experience and all are improved when enemy hunters are trying to intervene. There are also few feelings as exciting as your compound being surrounded while you have the premium in hand. If you wear one, you have five seconds of Dark sight strengthening, allowing you to spot the player's energy through the obstacles. DAYLIGHT BOOST did not exist at all at the beginning and gave you the origin of ten seconds instead of five. Although some of me lacks its absence, five seconds are much more appropriate than ten, because capacity felt a little too convenient for the hardcore nature of the game.

I spent all my four hundred hours on PC. Between shooting, slashing, running, stealth and horse jumping, Hunt is mechanically at the point. Creek allows you to carefully change your preferences between the sensitivity of the weapon, keyboard shortcuts and HUD. Sit down to play, Hunt felt incredibly clumsy at first, but I quickly used to the default control scheme, and I think it really contributes to a more realistic sense of firearms manipulation with the mouse and the keyboard. In version 1.0, I did not find myself stuck in objects or trapped in bizarre spaces in the world of the game. Hunt does not have the finishing levels AAA, but it is impressive to play.

Cringing is remarkably powerful and appears in full screen with Hunt: Showdown. Although I am able to maintain a satisfactory cadence at 1440p and medium settings, I saw the game turn to 4K maximum. It's absolutely beautiful. The macabre art design is superbly rendered, but its main asset is lighting. In general, the game is beautiful, but it is the most breathtaking night because of the light of the moonlight that crosses the trees and dilapidated structures and the warm glimmer flames illuminating the points on the cards. Playing Night is also much strange, experiencing for nerves and stimulating, and I think it's the best way to experience the game. The animations of Hunt are not revolutionary, but they have beautiful appearance in the world. Audio is just as superb in the troubling ambient atmosphere, weapons and monster sounds and the ability to use sound to your advantage. Keeping an attentive ear for nearby hunters is important for survival, and use audible distractions can make or undo meetings. Overall, the game requires the best of your installation. Optimization has improved considerably, but performance hollows still occur from time to time.

Connection problems and the lack of persistent parts are my only grievances in version 1.0. My Internet is regularly stable in many multiplayer games, but I still meet an occasional offset in Hunt. It's not at all a play break, and fortunately, instances are rare. Persistent parties are absent from the beginning. DO must re-invite a friend in your lobby whenever you win or lose continues to be a problem. However, the persistent parts will soon update version 1.1.

Hunt: Showdown - Before You Buy

Additional features include daily and weekly challenges that help to rank faster and a knowledge library detailing weapons, monsters and boss of the game. Hunt's Sulfur Band's Hunt's soundtrack is available on continuous dissemination platforms, and the LEGENDS OF THE BAYOU DLC, focused on cosmetics, is available now. New at 1.0 is Hunt's secondary currency called Blood Bonds. They can be earned at stake or purchased with real money to unlock access to legendary weapons and hunter skins, as well as an extra hunter location. The interest I wear on this equipment is limited because my adoration for the game is anchored in the gameplay. However, they exist for those who want and do not prevent experience.

I did not know that in being responsible for capturing the first week of previous access week, Hunt: Showdown would become one of my favorite video games. In fact, I had to refrain from expressing many of the innumerable aspects I love. Fortunately, for Hunt's interest, the majority of its glaring problems have been resolved before the launch of version 1.0. In addition to the few connection problems, Hunt: Showdown is undoubtedly one of the best PVP VE experiments of this generation. It's definitely not for everyone, but if you are a fanatic of hardcore multiplayer, competitive and based on survival in a horrible setting, I highly recommend you to Bayou.

To learn more about Hunt: Showdown, you can view my five tips for winning here. It's a bit old-fashioned, but many of my suggestions are still valid.


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