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Review of Battlefield 2042: Larger is not better

Battle of battle 2042 He has led me to my rupture point with problematic live service multiplayer. In recent years, there has been a lot of multiplayer titles that seem to be launched in a difficult state with the promise to improve over time. While some of those games have improved a lot in due time, this trend as a whole is one of the one that I am getting tired. Battlement 2042, the last entry into the long-term shooter franchise, clearly was not ready to launch at the end of 2021, but the Electronic Arts editor felt for one reason or another that needed to reach the shelves of the stores At this moment. As such, the current quality of the game leaves absolutely something to be desired. But even beyond these promises of improvement, it is the core of Battle 2042 that is not fundamentally good.

To get this out of the way from the beginning, the process of playing battle 2042 in recent weeks has been hard work. When it was launched through anticipated access, I practically found the play unplayable in my first days with him. It was difficult for me to get into matches, and even when I found a game, I was constantly with stuttering or drastic slowdown that made me feel like I was moving through the molasses. Some of these problems have persisted since then, but the game has become a little more stable in my own experience after a handful of new updates.

Even out of the start window problems that battle 2042 has appeared, it is everything else in the game that disappoints me enormously. Probably the most notable in what he says was wrong battle 2042 came with the decision to climb. Instead of presenting 64 players in total in a game as we have seen in Battlefield Battle Titles, duplicates that number to 128. This election was apparently made to make coincidences even more chaotic and extravagant than ever, but Instead, the opposite sounds true.

Battle of battle 2042 It feels empty and empty most of the time, mainly because the maps in which you play are now too big to accommodate the greatest number of players. While the battlefield As a series has always been tried to cross larger maps where you then defend or attack certain objectives, these points of dispute are now too separated from each other. Most conquest matches, for example, are played with you starting on your own base and running to another point in dispute that is far away. Once you get where the action is, it is better that you expect not to die quickly, or otherwise you could be forced to make that long walk again.

The worst of this size increase of battle 2042 is that I really find the boring game. That is not something that says lightly in any way, since Battlefield has long been one of my favorite multiplayer franchises, but the amount of memorable moments that now I am having inside battle 2042 are few and distant between Yes. A good 30-40% of my time in the main game modes simply runs me running and just try to find enemy players to shoot. I can not tell you how many times in the last weeks I started playing battle 2042 just to meet a quick desire to turn off the game and start HALO INFINITE instead of. I do not make this point to directly compare these two games in question, but rather to express that it has been so overwhelmingly boring that I have not even wanted to play it.

One of the other great changes that Battle 2042 has done comes with the addition of specialists. Instead of giving you a generic soldier to play, the game offers up to 10 different specialists among which you can choose. Each of these characters has their own class association that has been seen in other Battlefield games (assault, engineer, support, recognition) to go along with their own unique skills to differentiate them.

In a general sense, I believe that the idea of ​​specialists is fine here in Battle 2042, but it is the way they have been implemented what I do not love. Most of the specialists contain skills that I often did not find me because they were just not so useful. The times when using these gadgets, as formally called skills, to help change the direction of a certain battle were essentially nonexistent. While I understand that adding specialists to a game like battle 2042 surely should be taken carefully so that the experience as a whole remains balanced, I fight to see why it says I wanted to follow this route first if this is the final result.

Outside the main festival of 128 players who, the battle of battle 2042 offers, the other important offer of the game is Hazard Zone. This is a type of game that is most directed to survival than to the total war on a large scale. It is basically battlefield 2042 of determined time.

After initially enjoying how Hazard Zone's matches were developed, which began to bother with this game mode was how weapons and equipment are distributed. Instead of allowing you to choose virtually any equipment you prefer for a HAZARD ZONE game, battle 2042 only gives you access to weapons and more standard equipment, unless you have money to spend. This coin can be obtained by playing and triumphing in Hazard Zone games, which means that the more often completes the goal, the better your equipment in future executions. In theory, it makes sense to reward players in this way if they achieve their tasks at Hazard Zone, but also makes the way a little unbalanced. Being murdered by someone who has access to a better team while you are still using the most basic load imaginable, put on my nerves a handful of times and, finally, it ended with my desire to even play Hazard Zone.

The last great element of Battle 2042, and what has fun most in the game is Portal. This is basically the version of Battlefield from Forge from the halo series, as it allows players to create their own types of personalized games that are very different from the main modes. It also includes several weapons, maps and other call returns to the largest series in Battlefield, specifically with Battle 1942, BATTLEFIELD BAD Company 2, and Battle 3. Some game modes of these titles even return, which is great to see, since many of these games in question are difficult to play on modern platforms.

Do NOT Buy Battlefield 2042!!! - Honest Review (PS5/Xbox)

While the Battlefield community is still clearly discovering all portal ins and outs, I have already seen several great modes since its launch. A type of game that I found was a variant of red light, green light of the television series calamari. When this mode was in its green light phase, the players ran and tried to stab out each other with a knife to win murders. Once the screen asks you to switch to the red light, you are given a random weapon with a single shot that you can then use to try to kill others that may be in your line of vision. In general, this was just one of the many types of portal games with which I found, but it gives you an idea of ​​the inventive that this mode can be. Battle 2042.

However, the most condemnatory of the portal mode is that, to be my favorite part of the battle 2042 it shows how much it says, dropped the ball with the other game modes. When I prefer to start the game and the game modes that the community has built from scratch instead of the main offers in Battle 2042, that is a pretty big problem. Even so, the fact that Portal has been included in the game should give the title more longevity in the future, assuming that it can retain a community consistent in the coming years.

Weapons in Battle 2042 are something that I felt disappointed with the beginning, since maybe there is less variety than ever. Battle of Battle 2042 It only presents 22 primary weapons in total at this time, which may seem a lot on paper, but paid compared to the previous entries. Battle 1 and v had 30 main weapons at the time of launch, while battlefield 4 contained more than 60. And even outside the lack of variety, none of the weapons that are currently in the game feels so well use. Much of that is because the TT (time of killing) in battle 2042 feels longer than it should be. Although I do not want people to fall and die as fast as I would in a series like Obligations, I have poured almost complete clips over some enemies in Battle 2042, just to find them still standing afterwards.

The thing I can not involve my head battle 2042 is that it directly eliminates common features of previous delivery of the franchise. The native voice chat is not found anywhere at this time, which makes playing game modes like Hazard Zone is especially difficult when joining Randoms. Other things that you would probably expect to appear, like a marker to see your own statistics within a match, nor are they present at all. These are smaller points within the great scheme of my problems with battle 2042, but it emphasizes even more than I have no idea what I was doing says when it took some of these development decisions.

Battle of Battle 2042 EA and says they should have made it back to a certain extent in 2022. In contrast, the version of this game that is currently available has been virtually impossible to play for me sometimes from the first release. Even beyond this, however, some key design changes that he says has made in Battle 2042 Do not feel better. Instead of improving Battlefield's main experience that I loved the fans battle 3, 4, or male company 2, 2042 is a swollen shell of your previous self who is trying to recover something similar to her previous glory. As a fan that has been playing this series for more than a decade, battle 2042 is a great disappointment that it is difficult for me to think that it is even worth saving.

Rating: 2 of 5

Battle 2042 is now available on PlayStation 5 platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. The editor provided a review code for the purpose of this review and the game was played in an Xbox Series X console.


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