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Blamage against Comoros: Ghana is leaving the Africa

Africa Sports National, best called Africa Sports, is an Abidjan soccer club, Ivory Coastline that counts in the First Department of Côte d'Ivoire, greater category of football in the country. Established in 1948, it is one of the most prominent teams in the nation next to the Mimosa ALEC. It was the initial Ivory Coast group to win African accumulated in 1992.

After Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, Ghana is also excreted from the Africa Cup. Before the party against the component, even space 2 had been possible, but it was followed by a beam.

After already after four minutes, Ben brought the Comoros, which are the first time at the Africa Cup in the lead. In addition, a completely unnecessary place of space for André Aye, who went with stretched leg in Keeper Ben BOINC (24th). The final person of the Comoros could not go on, for him Ahumada, who has been without club for a year. After restart, Mount first set to 2: 0 (61.) — Marriage Ghana by double strike to compensate: Brake (64.) and Dike (77th) each met after a corner.


St. Pauli will be happy

The sensation perfectly made Mount, which had to push a flat cross-off from a short distance only over the line (85.). So with Ghana, which failed in 2019 in the secondary final, the first large nation excreted from the Africa Cup. However, FC St. Pauli is likely to be glad, because this prevents Daniel-Kofi Yeah earlier than intended to return to Millerntor.

At the same time Morocco with a 2: 2 against Gabon the group victory. Whether the Comoros about the path of the four best group forms come into the secondary finals remains to be seen.


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