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A revolutionary work of a formula in the decades will remain a few steps from perfection

The pokémon traps have always followed a familiar and safe formula. Developers have not had any greater pressure to change the behavior of the observed approach, as the fans of the gaming series, with the collections of all the works marked with all pokémon. Pokémon Legends: With Arceus, the main series will, however, take a dared step towards unknown. The new part shakes the criteria of the series and renews many important areas, but still succeeds in preserving the inner essence of pokémon games.

Pokémon The traditional story has been turned completely into a new faith, and the player's goal this time is not getting to the Pokémon Master. From the sky, a player figure is associated with the Galaxy Group and gets to the task of building the first Pokédex region from the beginning of the first Pokédex. On the way to the goal of meeting two competing clan members and help them solve the riddle of the furious pockets.

The startup fund is selected by Cyndaquil, Rowlet or Oshawott.

The renewed plot seems to be refreshing different from the previous one, even though it does not come back to the world. I have never been really enthusiastic about the drinking pokémon game, but from one part to another, the same red thread has produced me a disappointment time again. Now, the direction is right, and perhaps in forthcoming works, you will be correctly seen in the fortunes and stressful plots!

return to the past

The events are placed far into the past in the area of ​​Hisii. This served island is now known as Sinnoh. The headquarters of the Galaxy-Bond are located in the Jubilife village through which it is conveniently accessible to adventure around the open world. His Horny Measured Meadows and Crystal Blur Water Sandy Beachs are initially moving to the foot, but when the story progresses, the world is reached to investigate the world's sparel back, even from the sky. Especially flying is a great reform, as who would not be able to glide in heights with wild monnes? The county of the county is enough for an eyeball, but the world seems to be strangely empty, and what's the worst of the age of the crushes, ie bidoffs wobble against each area.

What's in this moon!

Pokémon Legends: Arceus focuses on the predecessor by derogation to capture pockets. Other against the owners of Pokémon, yes, they can be abolished, but those moments are surprisingly in a few: often they relate to the story or are struggling against bad guys. Arceus bring a whole new way to grab wild spokes in their troops. At their simplest, it will be treated by throwing creatures with a poké ball on the backing of the back. However, some of the creatures are hostile or sensitive, and in this case the player must see a little effort in their attachment. One excellent way is to sneak in a long-haired shelter toward a careless day of herself. When you finally get close enough to the subject, you only have to whitish the wooden Poké ball towards the evil-unhappy fauna representative. Always a job does not succeed as designed, but fortunately, many can be tied to the traditional way, ie through battles.

all collected, all collected

In order to get the full information of Pokédex, the player is exploring the player's wild creature behavior by performing a variety of Research Task tasks. Each Pokémon has its own tasks that include, for example, sinks to make a creature several times, feeding them or during a particular motion. Once you have received 10 points for a particular Monn, Pokédex has been completed. Examining the spokers and the collection of points brought me remotely to me in the last year, the New Pokémon Snap photography game of the _NEW POKÉMON SWITCHED. Maybe that was why I was dried to this new feature, because now the collection of scratching and the study of the world seems meaningful. In previous games I usually took your affection for only one species, but now I have the perfect reason to really collect all Pokémon.


Battles are still in the familiar way of turning, but they have experienced their part of the winds of change. During the past, the player figure can move freely on the battlefield, while loyal poxes handle the fighting side. In the novelty, the number of power and higher speed attributes are capable of attacking multiple times in succession compared to slow mobs. Another interesting feature is agile and strong shapes of individual attacks. First of all mentioned style, the attack makes less damage to the enemy, but it is able to use faster again. Strong format with a blow again will do more than normal damage, but the opponent can attack more often. Lightly striking agile style is useful for lower levels of straps, and no strong Strong-stylish is an apple of invention especially during short struggles.

The right edge sees whose turn is next.

Pokémonit uses a variety of element-based attacks during battles, which can vary from their minds from the menu. Small relief for maintaining skills brings the fact that TM objects familiar with previous parts are now brilliant in their absence. When one of the skills learned, it will remain at the end of the Poksu journey to the end, even if it would replace it from active abilities.

Returns of highhogegs

The rapid reaction capacity of the rapid reaction to the power of the rage against the special excesses of the rage increases to sweat. These arduous struggles are a mixture of a turn-based struggle and real-time attacks. First, the brainy hero must get a crowning creature as a poverty to be leapsed by throwing it to make it a soothing balsam made of local plants. However, it is not as easy as you think, for a dedicated creature is trying to the death of a researcher. When the boss finally and finally gets a moment to stop in his field, it's time to dig into a box of pockets and starts a traditional tatch against the raise. The difficulty level of boss skills depends on the player's skills - in my own point, the gutter was challenging, but not impossible. Small relief brings that if the player goes to the battle during the battle and he bulls, it is possible to fight for the previous time. Thus, you do not have to start from the beginning.

Now quietly, silently dried.

In addition to the main roof, dozens of different side tasks are available. The essence of these tinsels will always vary from napping the spokes to find out the inaccurate mysteries, but most of them are the time of light loss. Although the side assignments are not very strangely, pulled them with me by the magnet. Often, Meinas forgets the end of the main roof completely when I focused so passionate about the pursuit of small pins. To make the side tasks, it is worthwhile, as they receive different recipes and raw materials for the reward used for use in nickelization. Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS One of the best features is that the player may, if they want, to himself, in his desire to have his pokéballs and their cure. In addition to the side tasks, supplies to nickel are collected around the world, so all stock space comes in need.

What Pokémon Games Could and Should Be (But Sadly Aren't) (Series Comparison and Retrospective)

not quite perfect

Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS is the largest positive case, but some of the fewer completed sub-areas are slipped. The most striking problem is the horrible poor quality of graphics and especially textures. At first platform, everything seems to be tolerable, but when the camera is directed, for example, foil clothing or tree journals, easily accessible from the player's mouth. Graphics are a strange pixelhead and completely lower values ​​for such a large game series.

Another disappointment caused by cornerstones is the lack of sound exhibition and otherwise the soundtracking sound world. I understand that there has never been a voice exhibition in pokémon works, but I think it is not enough for this strange weakness. Of course, good gameplay is always the most important thing in video games, but yes in 2022, this size game should contain commendable graphics, as well as even a Sort's voice exhibition to improve gaming experience. It seems a bit that Game Freas does not necessarily even need to finalize the works of pokémon series, as they sell themselves - were then high quality or not.

There is no jigglypuff for a game, so Mismagius deserves the best pox prize.

Pokémon Legends: ARCEUS is definitely the best of my gaming on the head of the head despite the small deficiencies. Open the world, a traditional abnormal plot as well as the gaming mechanics focusing on skimming can get everything to feel from a new and exciting. Although the game was scheduled to the past, so I hope from the bottom of my heart that changes experienced by the work are a sign of a new and different future for a loved game series.


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