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RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker 0: 0

This Sunday it is in the Bundesliga between RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt to business. What's happening on the field, you can track here in our live ticker.

In the Bundesliga are now three games on the schedule, the first duel will take place between RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt. This Live Scores you missed any action!

Bundesliga: Leipzig vs. Frankfurt 0: 0



Installation Leipzig

| Gulacsi - Simakan, Orban, Gvardiol - Henrichs, Disclaimer, Kampl, Angelino, Dani Olmo - Silva, Nkunku

Installation Frankfurt

| Trapp - Tuta, Hinteregger, Ndicka - Jakic, Rode, Knauff, Kostic, Lindström, Kamada - Borré

Yellow cards


  • Leipzig: Disclaimer (19)
  • Frankfurt: Ndicka

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RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga NOW LIVE Scores 0: 0

44. | Angelino flicks the free kick from the left to the far post, where Orban has entered, will put across with a header, but with the player not get caught right

43. | Most of the danger comes from Nkunku which now brings out a good free kick position for RB as he tries to dribble through the center. Tuta holds purely leg.

41. | Then Leipzig increases the pressure again, plays firmly in front of the penalty area. Nkunku thinks for a moment crosswise on Lainer, whose shot from 20 meters descends quite tricky. Trapp missed, but the bar helps out.

37. we have seen already from the Eintracht A similar scene, with the same participants. | Again Lindström is long range pass through, and again he tried to cross on Borre where actually no gap. Has he shot ban? From this position, he must at least try the course.

RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: yellow for N'Dicka

35. | Second card of the game, N'Dicka cashes for use in midfield against Olmo .

34. | The advance of harmony seems to have been the sign to disturb the structure of the Leipziger back a little earlier. And suddenly the Frankfurt regain balls in midfield. But they find it very difficult to get into the final period.

31. | After all, right now a diversionary attack on the right wing. Kostic brings harmony not yet come into play. The move fizzled out before the penalty area.

30. | The Frankfurt make it not so to come early as at the beginning in the duels. The game of RB is liquid. But above all, the hosts work initially only on the game participation rate.

27. | The Eintracht usually tries to solve the structure of playful, less to work with long balls. But this can be dangerous. Hinteregger verspringt the ball in the penalty area, Nkunku injected in between and then places from the baseline in the goal area, but there is then again the foot of a defender before Silva on the ball.

25. | And so slowly the game wins a face. RB has eingegroovt themselves, running the ball more confidently through the ranks of the hosts. The encounter is shifting more and more towards the Frankfurt area.

22. | GREAT OPPORTUNITY RB. That was really played well. Nkunku and Kampl in combination on the left side. Kampl take the path to the base line, crosses through the central defense at the far post. With a header Silva Trapp takes from the game, but behind it Hinteregger as a hedge on the goal line. And prevents the impact.

RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: yellow for Disclaimer

19. | The intimate Enge first time consequences. Disclaimer grabs his foot on the Borre. Just come one step too late. Christian Dingert is the most the first warning.

19. | Extremely compact goes in midfield, stick error can one not allow immediate effect, a one opponent on the feet.

17. | The game is after a quarter of an hour still in the discovery phase, still has little structure in the game design. Leipzig holding the ball in his own half, out of nowhere the Außenristpass Angelino in the top, Silva takes over on the left wing and the flag goes up.

15. | Next long ball with guests, Kamada can tie the ball on the left corner, delays are nachgerückt to colleagues, then played briefly on Kostic, the back fits immediately. But the Leipzig coverage has moved quickly Kamada let the ball must run, saves the next offside whistle.

12. | The ball contacts in both teams give a very good impression of what's going on here. The defenders pier out. From nothing now the first grand chance for the guests. Tuta with the long ball to the top, Borre takes over, runs into the penalty area. And then he has to complete, Lindström had come going, but delivered. Nevertheless, Borre plays the crosspass. But probably a hits of the VAV would have intervened and a distance position of Borre claims. We will never know.

9. | The high start by the Eintracht does risks. So RB comes into his fast switching game, if you go out there, as just happen. Olmo drives the ball through the center, on the penalty area nocted to the left to Nkunku, but its throttle is still slightly faked, the subsequent corner finds the back of orbans, but completely without pressure. No real chance, but Trapp needs to intervene for the first time.

8th. | Very tensioned one may be on the remote duel of Kostic and Angelino. In the offensive movement of your team, both play a similar role with their flanks. On the square, the two will hardly meet today.

6. | But overall, the game is still very circular after the early interruption. Several ball losses on both sides, door scenes did not exist. Everything is still unsorted.

5. | After the conquest of Nkunku in the center, it could be interesting for the first time. But the attacker places the ball a tick in the third ball contact. And that's exactly the millimeters that Hinteregger needed. Danger banished.

3. | The game is running again. The opposite side is still a little hard to recognize. Recommend a page change for the time being. But in the square you have a completely different perspective.

1. | After a few seconds there is the first interruption. A foghorn would be useful now. Smoke swirls rise from the Eintracht curve.

1. | The game is running!

RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga in the live ticker - before starting

Before starting: Welding Mine. Images on the scoreboard Jürgen Grabowski and Egidius brown are brown.

Before starting: At the Eintracht, there is only one change, and that's somehow even half a half. Because against Betis, Rode was replaced. Sither way is locked.

Before starting: After the edge victory against Fürth, the Saxons begin to change to two positions. For Haidara and Forsberg, Olmo and Kampl come to the starting eleven.

Before starting: The statements are here! So the two coaches send their teams to the field:

  • Leipzig: Gulacsi - Simakan, Orban, Gvardiol - Henrichs, Laimer, Kampl, Angelino, Dani Olmo - Silva, Nkunku

    • Frankfurt: Trapp - Tuta, Hinteregger, Ndicka - Jakic, Rode, Knauf, Kostic, Lindström, Kamada - Borré


Before starting: An advantage for the harmony may be that you have to travel. In the home table, the SGE is located in the middle of the relegation battle. In the Away Table, it belongs to the premier class. Only the Bavarians, BVB and Bayer have brought more meters away this season. Incidentally, the first leg ended 1: 1.

Before starting: especially for the Hesse in the league, far not as successfully runs as on European parquet. However, the mold curve last showed clearly again. In addition to the victories against Bochum and Hertha, the qualification for the quarterfinals in the El.

Before starting: Assumption: If the Eintracht wants to play internationally next year, they would have to win all foresight to the Europa League. Clock 6 and Hoffenheim missing seven counters. That may be feasible, but also quite difficult.

Before starting: Guest is the Eintracht, which once again brought a magical European Cocal Night. What's up for the last minute gate against Real Betis? The euphoria on the progress and the Freud to the next opponent, the big FC Barcelona? Or the exhaustion after a late game on Thursday evening, which also went to extension?

Before starting: Benefit in the game against Eintracht could be that the El games of the Leipzig against Spartak Moscow were canceled due to the war, which the Russians lead in Ukraine. Since you save grains in the Ligaendspurt.

Before starting: Balance of the second half before: 1st place in the table, the best attack, best defense. If we expand the field of vision, we determine, from the last twelve competitive games in three competitions was only lost against Bayern. And just scarce.

Before starting: The Leipzig is best to start in the next season in the royal class at least. And that would be with the current form of the lawn baller. It could also be so expressed: Had the Saxons played an approximately similar first round, the next season in the CL would already be secured.

Before starting: a touch of Europe League on Sunday afternoon in the Bundesliga. RB receives the Eintracht. It can not be ruled out that this game also gives this game again this season. Then in the final of the second most important club competition of UEFA, it has determined the draw from Friday. A taste so?

Before starting: Welcome to the Bundesliga for the encounter of the 27th game day between RB Leipzig and Eintracht Frankfurt

Bundesliga, RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: The statements

  • Leipzig: Gulacsi - Simakan, Orban, Gvardiol - Henrichs, Laimer, Kampl, Angelino, Dani Olmo - Silva, Nkunku
  • Frankfurt: Trapp - Tuta, Hinteregger, Ndicka - Jakic, Rode, Knauf, Kostic, Lindström, Kamada - Borré

RB Leipzig vs. Eintracht Frankfurt: Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

You want to live the encounter between Leipzig and Frankfurt live and see in color? Then Dazn your starting point. The streaming service has all the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga in the program this season. Let's start there half an hour before the kick-off, so at 15 o'clock, the following team is at the start for you:

  • Moderator: Lukas Schönmüller
  • Commentator: Freddy Harder
  • Expert: Sebastian Knissl
  • Reporter on site: Miriam Sinner

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Bundesliga: The table 1m 27th matchday

Rank Team Games Goals Diff. Points
1 Bayern Munich (m) 27 81: 28 53 63
2 Borussia Dortmund (P) 26 66: 37 29 56

RB Leipzig vs Eintracht Frankfurt Live Match Full Score 3 | Bayer 04 Leverkusen | 26 | 64: 41 | 23 | 45 4 | SC Freiburg | 27 | 43: 29 | 14 | 45 5 | RB Leipzig | 26 | 57: 30 | 27 | 44 6 | TSG Hoffenheim | 27 | 49: 40 | 9 | 44 7 | 1. FC Cologne | 26 | 37: 39 | -2 | 39 8 | 1. FC Union Berlin | 27 | 33: 38 | -5 | 38 9 | 1. FSV Mainz 05 | 26 | 39: 30 | 9 | 37 10 | Eintracht Frankfurt | 26 | 39: 38 | 1 | 37 11 | VFL Bochum (s) | 26 | 28: 37 | -9 | 32

12 | VfL Wolfsburg | 26 | 29: 40 | -11 | 31 13 | Boron. Mönchengladbach | 26 | 36: 51 | -15 | 30 14 | VfB Stuttgart | 27 | 35: 50 | -15 | 26 15 | FC Augsburg | 26 | 29: 44 | -15 | 26 16 | Hertha BSC | 27 | 29: 60 | -31 | 26 17 | Arminia Bielefeld | 27 | 22: 38 | -16 | 25 18 | SPVGG Greuther Fürth (s) | 27 | 24: 70 | -46 | 15


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