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Razer, gaming device prices for Japan are increased from May 10th. The depreciation of the yen will increase

Razer, which develops gaming devices, announced on April 30 that it will revise the price for its products in Japan. More than 40 types of devices will increase the price from May 10. It seems that the increase in the exchange rate immediately after the announcement of the date reduction was affected by the exchange rate. The target of this price increase is a wide range of Razer products such as mice and headsets. For example, for mouse products, VIPER MINI increases by 1000 yen from 3980 yen to 4980 yen. NAGA X has been revised from 7480 yen to 8980 yen, raising the price by 1500 yen. In addition, the Headset BLACKSHARK V2 - Special Edition will increase from 13,900 yen to 16,980 yen, and the product price seems to be about 10 % to 25 %. Since many other products are subject to price increase, please refer to the official announcement image for details. Razer often carries down prices for Japan, and this price increase may be a difficult decision. According to the announceme

Werner: Both sides know each other quite well

When SV Werder Bremen welcomes Holstein Kiel on Friday evening (6.30 p.m., live! At Werder Bremen), it is a special game for the trainer of the home side, Ole Werner. After 15 years with the storks as a player and coach, the 33 -year -old hits the KSV for the second time in his career - for the first time as a coach. "It is clear that I am shaped by the club," said Werner, who revealed that he reduced contact to Kiel this week. Since he was still on the sidelines at the upcoming opponent until last summer, Werner knows the "single players" and the "way of working in the club quite well". However, he does not see this as an advantage: "Many in Kiel know how we work. How we want to play football from the structure. Both sides know each other quite well in a certain way," said Werner and explained: "Holstein Kiel will certainly not hide. " It can be a curse and a blessing at the same time if a team no longer feels pressure. Clemen

HAVARD NORTVITE will no longer run for Hoffenheim

It ran the 87th minute in the game between Eintracht Frankfurt and the TSG Hoffenheim (2: 2). Havard Nordtveit went to the ground after a check from Ragnar Ache. As soon as the Norwegian could not get up. thigh injury too heavy - "he didn't deserve this departure" Only at the break northerntvit had come into the game, in the 89th minute the defender was replaced again. For the 31-year-old, this season only supplementary players at the TSG (eleven Bundesliga inserts, none of the complete season), after three years in the Kraichgau is therefore finally concluded. "He probably has suffered a severe structural injury in the back thigh," explained coach Sebastian Hoeneß's seriousness of violation at the press conference. "That with Howie is tragic, I just have to say that," Hoeneß added. "He is an incredible team player who does not deserve this outlet." North Time, who will return to the Norwegian home, also played in the Bundesliga

It's true: the anime of Pokémon already is 25 years old

For some, it seems that pokémon made his great debut yesterday. The franchise has existed for decades, but when it comes to the anime, it seems that things are barely changed. Ash Ketchum and Pikachu have been promoting pokémon after all, for almost the same time as games. The couple is known throughout the world at this time, and believe it or not, Ash is celebrating a great milestone this month with the anime. So if you want to prepare you, do it now. Pokémon officially has 25 years, and there is still much more to come. The program gave life to its first episode in April 1997 if you did not know. TV Tokyo transmitted the anime to fans of all Japan, and did not spend long before Ash, or Satoshi abroad, became a success among children. The colorful creatures and touching stories of him did pokémon a unmissable show, and the madness for the anime only grew up once Pikachu jumped to the United States. The original series reached the televisions of the United States in 1999, jus

Frankfurt celebrates canter victory in Jena

Footballers of Eintracht Frankfurt have reported on the recent defeats against the title candidates with a loose compulsory victory . On Friday night, Frankfurt won Carl Zeiss Jena 4: 0 (3: 0) and jumped to the fourth place in the table. Most recently, the Hessinns had clearly lost against leaders VfL Wolfsburg (1: 4) and defending champion Bayern Munich (2: 4). Verena Hanshaw (13.), Lara Prasnikar (16th), Laura Frank (45.) and Barbara Dunst (53rd) met for Frankfurt. Jena, on the other hand, collected the 16th defeat in the 19th game - with only five points, the team tumors the descent.