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Continue at home: Lührßen extended in Bremen

Nina Lührßen has been playing at SV Werder Bremen since 2012, and nothing will change in the future. The midfielder has signed a new contract with the women's Bundesliga club. "We are very happy that Nina stays with us. She is a player with a lot of potential," said department head Birte Brüggemann. "Especially on the outer lane, she can use its strengths perfectly, which we also need in the upcoming series." As a Bremen woman, it is a nice feeling to continue to wear the Werder jersey. Nina Lührßen Werder is represented again in the Bundesliga, Bremen laid six points between himself and the SC Sand before the last match day. "As a Bremen woman, it is a nice feeling to continue to wear the Werder jersey," said Lührßen, who feels "extremely comfortable" in her hometown and Werder. So far, the 22-year-old has played 60 Bundesliga games for Bremen and scored seven goals. In the current season she ran 19 times for Werder.

Halo Infinite seasonal battle passes create controversy in season 2

_ Infinite_ Halo_ The battle pass system is relatively unique compared to its competitors, but that has also generated a big problem. _ Infinite_halo was launched as a premium title last year, but offered its multiplayer mode for free. It is an incredible treatment, but it has finally had a cost. Since it is free, 343 Industries has had to monetize it in other ways through battle passes and microtransactions. They are mostly harmless, but some of the surrounding systems are problematic. For example, climbing level in the game is largely focused on daily and weekly challenges. It really doesn't matter how well you play in a game, the only thing that matters is that you do random challenges, which can be really unpleasant. Things are only getting worse, although possibly unintentionally. With the arrival of infinite_ season, some have noticed a strange change. From the beginning, 343 promised the ability to level the battle passes even after the season ends. Therefore, the owners

Does Marcel Lotka change to BVB? A legal thing

On Saturday evening, Marcel Lotka crashed decisively in the 1-2 against Mainz 05 in front of the first goal of the guests, but the young keeper was not only a topic of conversation after this. Hertha BSC had already announced the departure of the keeper to the second team of Borussia Dortmund in early March, but now extended Lotka's expiring contract by option clause. BVB, on the other hand, refers to a lawful two-year contract with the 20-year-old. _ Reading here the background to the Marcel Lotka_ case "We pulled the option," Hertha's managing director Fredi Bobic confirmed at "Sky". "But he signed a contract in Dortmund. It will be a legal thing. I spoke to Sebastian Kehl and Ingo Preuss (the team manager for the 2nd team of BVB, anm. D. Red. ) Discuss rest. " A decision will probably only be made, "if everything is over and we know if we held the class. Marcel should focus on the game next week." Then it goes against - exactly -

Good news for FC Schalke 04, Werder Bremen and Co.: Darmstadt 98 fails at Fortuna Düsseldorf

Good news for FC Schalke 04, Werder Bremen and Co.: Darmstadt 98 may have crucial in the promotion thriller of the 2nd Bundesliga. On the penultimate matchday at Fortuna Düsseldorf, the lilies lost 1: 2 (0: 2) after a completely sleepy start. The second in the table can thus be overtaken by Werder Bremen and Hamburger SV during the weekend. "The boys are mostly crying because they want a dream. We are disappointed because we actually play an outstanding season," said Darmstadt coach Torsten Lieberknecht at "Sky": "But we will stay professional and will try again against Paderborn to knock everything out. " Emmanuel Iyoha (3rd) and Matthias Zimmermann (10th) ensured long faces near Darmstadt, Tobias Kempe (60th), only the connection was made. After red against Fortuna against Fortuna Daniel Ginczek (89th) and yellow-red against Darmstadt Klaus Gjasula (89th), both teams ended the game with only ten men. The Fortuna remained unbeaten in the twelfth ga

Eintracht Trier sets off from Arminia Ludwigshafen

Even if nothing is lost for Arminia Ludwigshafen, the league is heading for a duel for first place. In the direct duel, SV Eintracht Trier hit the Ludwigshafen 3-2 on Saturday in front of 1614 spectators. With his first serious goal chance, Trier took the lead in the 11th minute, Heinz sent König Steil, who was free and shot down. Bormeth equalized with a full shot from almost 25 meters (32nd). King was again through shortly before the break, but was disturbed by defender Tahedl at the last moment. The second round was a good six minutes old, when SVE keeper Wieszolek steered a Pantano shot over the crossbar. The home team now grew stronger and was able to rely on king, who took a steep pass from Roth and was able to engage much too freely (72nd). After preparatory work by Bibaku, Kinscher increased to 3: 1 just four minutes later. Ludwigshafen only came to Ehmann's connection goal in added time and now has six points behind the second Trier in a played game. Worms: Five goals

Events in MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION will affect the world around

On the MMORPG ASHES OF CREATION, the developers from Intrepid Studios have published a large material dedicated to various events in the game. We offer you the translation of this article for familiarization. Casual Events Types of Events on Verra How Events work types of events Calendar of events Nodes attacks Events with monsters coins Event points of interest plot events PVP-kisses Effects Conclusion Types of Events on Verra The world of Verra is a dynamic and constantly changing landscape, filled with miracles, adventures and dangers. One of many mechanics that allow us to achieve such adaptability is events, they are also events. This is one of the main ways of interacting players with content. Events are focused on creating an interactive world that holds heroes in suspense, while at the same time changing the game process in an interesting and unique way, offering tests and forming the world around them. Players will deal with the events throughout their stay on Verra - from

Reactions to Frankfurt's finals: This is zest for life, that's football

At Eintracht Frankfurt, the enthusiasm knew no limits after moving into the final of the Europa League. The president cried, the coach was speechless. Disappointment with RB Leipzig. The voices and reactions. Eintracht Frankfurt - West Ham United 1: 0 Glasgow Rangers - RB Leipzig 3: 1 Eintracht Frankfurt - West Ham United 1: 0 Peter Fischer (President Eintracht Frankfurt) in tears: "The dream finally becomes true. It goes against Glasgow in the final. Tradition against tradition, world-class fans! I trembled with Hinti's injury. But that is our defense monster. But that is Team did that completely. " ... On the mood in the stadium: "This is Frankfurt, everyone deserves that. Look at that. That is zest for life, that's football. I am proud of my team." ... About the final: "Glasgow is one of the very big traditional clubs. It is an athletic team that is incredibly professionally positioned. But we want to get that. We will win that too!"