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Projection Guide Guide to Demons 1

A demon hunter is a distant-based physical class in Diablo Immortal. This class is focused on long-range battle, always moving, using the skills of the action in order to immediately melt the groups of enemies. If you are interested in how to increase the level of your hunter for demons from 1 to 60, here is all the information that you need.

The best initial skills of demons hunter for Diablo Immortal

Your initial skills of demon hunter are much stronger than in some other classes. A shot from the crossbow, your main attack will be the stable of all the assemblies of the hunter for demons, along with gulp and rain of retaliation. These three skills are unlocked during training and will be used in the endg lot. Your initial pumping will be:

Initial: shot from a crossbow Skill 1: multicure Skill 2: rain of revenge Skill 3: Straff (Replaceimpudent swing in level 15 *)

Skill 4: casting shot (replace watch in level 28 *)

This assembly will give you a high explosive damage to the region from Multishot and Rain of Vengeance. After unlocking the impudent wave is an excellent skill of movement that allows you not to get stuck in the center of the flock of enemies. Sentry will allow you to cause turrets that will tank some enemies instead of you, allowing you to continue to move and stay alive in heavy battles. You can put both turrets at the same time.

When battle with garbage enemies, it does not matter in what order you use these skills. In battles with bosses and large groups of enemies, such as the dungeons or faults of the ancients, you must combine the sentry with rain of retaliation and multi-storage to maximize the damage and use Daring Swing as your skill of movement, when necessary.

The best skills of endheim demons hunter for Diablo Immortal

At the level of 60 you will begin to pass the endheam dungeons, raids and portals of the ancients. Depending on the content, you can change your assembly or style of play, but this assembly will work well in any scenario.

Initial: shot from a crossbow Skill 1: multicure Skill 2: rain of revenge Skill 3: daring swings Skill 4: revenge *


Revenge is an enhancing skill that opens at the 50th level. He transforms your main attack into 2 additional shots for additional damage for 6 seconds. This skill combined with Rain of Vengeance can cause great damage.

The best legendary precious stones for a demon hunter

The legendary give you incredible bonuses that can increase your damage, survival or other unique effects. Almost all 5-star precious stones outweigh the cost of precious stones with lower stars, but they are extremely rare and cannot be created. The legendary gems that you should strive for:

Eye of Berserk * * Increases all the damage you apply by 16%and increases your chance of a critical blow by 2%, but also increases all the damage you received by 5%. Coatiness Ka’arsen * Increases the speed of your main attack by 16% and damage from your main attack by 2%. Bloody limit * Your attacks are inflicted 6% more damage for every 2 yards between you and the affected enemy. The maximum increase of 24% by 8 yards. In addition, your attacks with a probability of 1.2% reduce the speed of the enemy’s attack and movement by 35% by 2 seconds. Strength and command * * Power and Command alternate states every 9 seconds. Strength increases damage from the main attack by 24%. The team increases the damage of all other skills by 24%. Every time these states alternate, you have a 30% chance to relieve yourself of a harmful effect. Puffed fang * Every time you cause damage to the enemy, it increases the damage received from your attacks by 2.4%, up to a maximum of 24% with 10 stacks. It also increases all the damage that you inflict by elite monsters by 6%. Eternal torment * Your critical blows cause agony, applying 30% basic damage + 122 every second for 6 seconds. Each closest enemy suffering from agony increases your attack speed by 6%. Each enemy can only affect agony every 20 seconds.

The best attributes of a demon hunter

Not all equipment is the same, even if it is written on part of the armor that this is an improvement for you, you need to pay attention to the attributes of this part. As a hunter for demons, you must prioritize:

strength *: increases combat rating and damage. Resistance : increases combat rating, armor and armor. vitality : increases combat rating and health.

The best legendary equipment hunter for demons in Diablo Immortal

There are many legendary equipment items in the world, your main goal should be to search for objects that add additional effects to the skills that you use. The best legendary equipment for this final assembly:

Hungry * (weapon for the left hand): A shot from the crossbow now pierces enemies and affects additional enemies behind. Vision of the lost (head): During the revenge, each defeated enemy increases the remaining duration of revenge by 0.2 seconds, up to a maximum increase of 2.4 seconds. The heart of revenge (chest): The restoration time of revenge is reduced by 15%. * Fire anger (weapons in the main hand): the multifaceting now shoots with blazing arrows that cause damage and set fire to enemies.

Hungerer can be obtained at the 10th level of the free Battle Pass as a reward. This can be done at about 20-25 levels. Having spent some time studying combat pass, you will speed up the passage of content after you unlock this weapon. If you spend some time on Grinding here, it will mean that you will not need to grind later, when you reach the level of level to promote the main story.

The best improvement points for demon hunter

At 60, you will unlock the Paragon Levels End Shpil pumping system. Each paragon level can be spent on different buffs for your character. It is strongly recommended to spend most of the improvement points in conqueror line, as this will significantly increase your damage.

To learn more about Diablo Immortal, read the sections How to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal and How to use the transfer of entities in Diablo Immortal in the game guides for professionals.


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