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DC Films President James Gunn Reveals Release Date and Name of New Superman Movie

Today has been full of revelations for fans of the DC universe, since some films of iconic characters such as batman were announced, with two confirmed releases. On his part, Superman could not be missing among the strong revelations, so his new film already has a name and until the release date. As commented by James Gun himself, the appointment bears the name of Superman: Legacy, which is going to be released on July 11, 2025. In addition, it is established that it will be the first film of the new arch of tapes interconnected to each other. In fact, this saga already has pseudonym, which is Gods and Monsters, thus being chapter one. It is also mentioned that it is not a movie of origin, this says Peter Saran and James Gun:

He focuses on Superman balancing his Kryptonite inheritance with his human education, Superman represents truth, justice and American style. It is goodness in a world that thinks that goodness is outdated.

We want to get away from the good against the bad. And there are all kinds of people really, really almost holy. Superman is among them.


There are really terrible villains like Gorilla Gr odd or Joker, and then there are all those in the middle.

And then, there are all these gray tones of these different types of characters, which allows us to tell more complex stories. It is worth mentioning that projects like Joker 2 and The Batman 2 remain an alternate universe to the new DC arch. Via: IG Editor's note: He is an encouraging that finally the new plans in the company will be announced, but in truth, he continues to hurt that Henry Cavill will no longer be part of the new projects.


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